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Since fleas' embryonic stages are notoriously difficult to identify, the first step a homeowner should take is to ask their pest management specialist for advice. The majority of the time, employing over-the-counter flea control products alone won't get rid of the infestation's underlying problems.

An bug firm Pro will perform a comprehensive check and identify locations where the flea population's larval stages are present. The flea treatment and maintenance plan is created after the inspection is over. Contact your neighborhood bug firm branch to receive your personalized pest control plan.

This flea prevention strategy will comprise:

Species Identification of the flea species that are the source of the issue.

Education – include describing the flea life cycle and how the control strategy is impacted by the fleas’ habitat, habits, and behavior.

Hosts – checking for the presence of other animals that serve as a food supply for the flea population. Rodents within or outside the house, as well as a raccoon or feral cat that resides in the crawl area, may fall under this category.

Vets: Homeowners seeking advice and purchasing pet-safe flea control solutions from their veterinarian.

Bathing – Regular pet grooming and bathing is necessary.

Chemicals are to blame for the usage of growth regulators, which obstruct the flea’s normal transition to the adult stage.

Vacuum – To physically remove flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults, use a powerful vacuum.

Bedding – Pet bedding should be regularly washed and dried.

Products – Using safe and efficient flea control treatments, impacted areas can be treated where young fleas may be present.

Inspections – organizing a follow-up visit for inspections.

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